How to teach your child to brush their teeth? 4 tips for parents.

How to teach your child to brush their teeth?  4 tips for parents.

       With the appearance of the first teeth, new challenges appears for both: parents and kids. Temporal teeth plays very important role  in order to keep and  prepare space for future permanent teeth.

Until children reach the age of 2-3 years, parents are responsible for brushing their teeth. When they grow, you can let them handle the toothbrush by themselves. But as you may know, kids are not that patient and the process could be a little bit complicated.

To avoid the problems and make the process go smoothly, here are some useful tips:

  1. Choose the tools. Let your kids choose their toothbrush, or even maybe the tooth paste. But anyway, parents are responsible for the quality of the product. It’s important to use a fluoride toothpaste recommended by your dentist, because the recommended quantity of fluorine differs from age to age.
  1. Have fun together.Brush your teeth together in the morning and evening. Invent a game that will transform the process in somehting more that both of you will enjoy . But to keep the process at least 2 minutes long, use you kid’s favorite song as a stopwatch.
  1. Be tolerant. The first times won’t be the best ones for sure. But this is the base for creating healthy habits for your child, so it’s important to encourage him. To make sure that their teeth is brushed properly, you can do it for them in the morning and let them exercise in the evening.
  1. Encouragement by a professional. A short tutorial and encouragement by a dentist will encourage your kids. This can be the the first visit to the dentist, when you show him the room, tools and build a friendly relationship between him and doctor, which is very important in overcoming the fear.