We’ve equipped our clinic with modern equipment of the latest generation, allowing us to provide for our patients a cozy and professional treatment at the highest level.

Treatment room


Dental Chair C8+
The C8+ embodies all the tried-and-tested technical features of the Sirona treatment centers: ergonomic and comfortable patient positioning (ErgoMotion), high-quality materials, an intuitive user interface and convincing hygiene functions.


SIROendo Pocket Apexlocator
The mobile endodontic solution. Are you looking for a reliable and convenient solution for root canal preparations? The mobile endodontic unit SIROEndo Pocket is just right for you!

Flexible use in several rooms, great operating comfort and maximum treatment security – SIROEndo Pocket guarantees that your endodontic treatments run smoothly.


The system Air-flow KaVO PROPHYflex 3 – compact, but eficient, ideally for prophylaxis and professional cleaning. Air cleaning system for removal of stains and bacterial plaque, cleaning of enamel surfaces prior to fissure sealing.


Beyond Accelerator Beyond
Beyond accelerator is the most advanced light filtration system of any power whitening system ensures patient safety and comfort. It is harmful ultraviolet light and heat are filtered out through a coated optical lens and over 12,000 optical fibers. It operates at a lower temperature than similar products, increasing patient comfort levels and decreasing the risk of developing tooth sensitivity.

Dia-Gun & Dia-Pen – DiaDent
DiaGun – DiaPen is an innovative system of vertical obturation of root channels. These two instruments allow to enable compact and efficient sealing channels.


OPMI pico Carl Zeiss microscope (soon)
OPMI pico makes details and fine structures clearly visible. It enables you to better visualize the regions of interest and consistently provide your patients with high-quality examinations and treatments.
The compact, high-performing, easy-to-use OPMI pico offers solid support for the most demanding applications – whether in restorative dentistry, endodontics, implantology or periodontics.

Fiziodispenser NSK Surgic Pro+
This is an precise instrument and easy to be managed designed for implantology and dental surgery.



Practice hygiene is becoming more important and is monitored increasingly. The combination autoclave cleans, lubricates and sterilizes up to six straight and contra-angle hand pieces as well as turbines at the push of a button.

MELAtherm 10
MELAterm 10 is a sink that disinfectants, correspondes to European standard EN 15883. It is ideal for machining, chemical and thermal instruments processing, applying disinfectants and temperatures of 95 degrees. Provides complete sterilization of dental instruments.

Vacuklav 24 B+
The Vacuklav 24 B+ is the reliable “Class B” autoclave, offering, with its 10 cm deeper interior space (depth of sterilization chamber 45cm, volume 22 litres), especially for practices with larger sets of instruments. As with the Vacuklav 30 B+, the Vacuklav 24 B+ features water cooling of the vacuum pump and is thus especially suitable for practices that wish to carry out several sterilization processes one after another.


HELIODENT plus and XIOS plus
Radiological Diagnosis (roentgenographic) intraoral quickly and safely. Heliodent is easy to be used and offers us the best quality of digital radiographic image. Minimum exposure time and radiation dose – up to 70% less compared to conventional equipment. XIOS plus is an intraoral sensor system that simplifies the diagnosis due to high definition radiographic image.

High quality. Durable. Safe: The ORTHOPHOS XG 3 is the perfect basic equipment for general dentists. The x-ray unit’s easy operation and seamless integration into your practice’s daily routines will save you valuable time. The high image quality and proven SIDEXIS XG software guarantee that you will come to a clear diagnosis quickly and easily.