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The indulgence begins with us

Dental beauty treatments take place in an environment designed to disconnect you from everyday stress.

The concept of Dental SPA arose from the desire to create the most pleasant environment for the dental beauty treatments we offer:


We are all born with white teeth close to perfection. Unfortunately, most people notice that over the years, their teeth turn yellow. When brushing your teeth can no longer stop this process, we look for the solution in teeth whitening treatments. But, for real and long-lasting effects, you should resort to the professional whitening performed by the dentist. These professional solutions use laser, whitening, or a combination of the two.


Simply put, professional teeth whitening uses concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel that whitens teeth for a whiter, brighter smile. To speed up the process and increase the effectiveness of the gel, a special light or, for some whitening systems, a laser is used.

The whole process barely lasts an hour or two and the result is immediately visible, while other bleaching methods do not work until a few weeks later.

The effect of professional whitening can last from a few months to several years, and the degree of whitening differs from person to person. Partly, the effect depends on the initial state of the teeth, how stained the teeth are and the concentration of the gel used. Also, the maintenance of the effect depends on your eating habits, whether you are a smoker or not, and it should be noted that there are no teeth whitening solutions to ensure a permanent change of color or to prevent further discoloration of the teeth.

In the Albero Dental Lounge clinic we use lampa Beyond – The latest generation that ensures our patients relax while your teeth become whiter every minute.


Dental jewelry is an accessory for a really bright smile.

The application of dental jewelry does not require any removal of the dental hard substance and can be done in a few minutes. Dental jewelry (diamonds, Swarovski crystals or Skyce) is glued with a special adhesive called bonding. It does not affect the structure of the tooth in any way.

Before applying the diamond on the tooth, a professional brushing is needed to remove all food debris and plaque. After it dries very well, we condition the tooth, apply the adhesive, the jewelry and then use a special light curing lamp with which we harden the adhesive.

And ready, in a few minutes you leave with a new look.