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Radiology - a fundamental compartment of medicine that studies the impact of X-rays on the human body. The main objective of this field is the development and improvement of new and safe methods of diagnosis in the first phase of various diseases. Nowadays, X-rays have a lot of uses, occupying a top place among the diagnostic methods of practical medicine.

In dentistry, X-ray research radiodiagnosis is widely used for the purpose of detailed assessment of tooth condition, periodontal and periapical tissue health, jaw bones and anatomical formations in the vicinity of the dental system.

Radiological investigations (examinations) allow the identification of various pathologies of the dental system (dental caries, damage to the dental nerve, inflammatory process at the root tip), pathologies of the jaw bones and the determination of the most effective ways to address them: therapeutic, orthopedic, orthodontic, implant. In dentistry, the most common is the panoramic radiography of the dental arches (Orthopantomography), retro-dento-alveolar radiographs (for a single tooth or groups of teeth of 2-3 each), teleradiography (indispensable for orthodontic treatment), computer tomography (necessary in some cases of implantology and dento-alveolar surgery).

A complete clinical dental examination is necessary to contain at least orthopantomography which is very informative for both the doctor and the patient.

In the Albero Dental Lounge clinic, the radiology service includes visiography and orthopantomography. Appliances used HELIODENT plus and XIOS plus - which are digital and of the latest generation that allow us to obtain high quality images with a minimum dose of radiation. The result of the examination is immediately processed by a special software and displayed on the doctor's computer in the treatment room where you will be informed about your oral health and what will be the therapeutic steps to follow (treatment plan).