Prosthetic dentistry


A separate branch of dentistry that deals with diagnosis and treatment of functional disorders and holistic dental system through prosthetics called prosthetic dentistry.

Prosthetic dentistry is not only a means of restoring the health of the teeth, the overall health of the body, which is broken as a result of dental pathologies, but also a healthy mind patients, dramatically improving his mood, aesthetic appearance, improving social adaptation.

Fundamentals of prosthetic dentistry is to restore teeth and dentures. In the process of recovery procedures dental defects of substitution filled materials that allow you to restore the geometry and appearance of natural teeth.

Prosthetic dentistry uses three construction group dentures:removable, conditionally removable and fixed dentures.

Dentures are often the only alternative in the absence of teeth of both or one of the jaws.

Partial dentures
Partial dentures are used when one or more teeth are lost.

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Related dentures

Related dentures are made in the absence of a single tooth. Most often this is done by the loss of posterior teeth. Artificial tooth prosthesis can be made of plastics or ceramics.

Fixed dentures

In cases where damage of tooth or teeth localized in smile zone optimal solution is to install veneers – the thinnest ceramic plates which are glued to the front surface of teeth and are indistinguishable from the appearance of natural tooth enamel.




In cases where the damaged or destroyed a large part of the tooth, but there is no need to remove it, will be justified by the production of fixed prostheses in the form of single dental crowns. With their help, you can restore the destroyed even before the foundation tooth. Crowns are metal, metal-ceramic and ceramic. Today, preference, and doctors and patients pay their last, because they are the most durable, well accepted by the body and are ideal from an aesthetic point of view, thanks – once again – the material for their manufacture – special hypoallergenic dental ceramics.



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