Dental treatment by using the microscope with Carl Zeiss lenses

Dental treatment by using the microscope with Carl Zeiss lenses

OPMI Pico microscope is widely used by the dental clinic located in Chisinau called Albero Dental Lounge. This device let the doctor see the whole tooth. This high-tech device is perfect for a complex, fast and efficient treatment. In Republic of Moldova, and other countries as well, these advanced devices are widely used for a couple of years and considered being a real progress.

The device facilitates a more efficient treatment, the quality and the speed of the work done. With the help of microscopic precision, the doctor can see even the smallest details, letting him create a more efficient and customized treatment plan.

Our microscope can zoom in 22x times and provides a bright light letting the dentist observe the details, which are hard to see with the eye. Even more, with such a tool, the normal functions of the teeth can be restored.

The tool, used by Albero Dental Lounge uses the best lenses in the world, produced by the famous manufacturer – Carl Zeiss. The ergonomic design and compact fit makes this device very comfortable for the patient.

At our dental clinic located in Chisinau, you can benefit from a complex treatment no matter the nature of the problem: caries treatment, dental canals treatment, tooth extraction, teeth whitening, dental restorations, dental implants and dentures.

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