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Patient health and maximum comfort are not only the daily routine of our specialists. It is a matter of honor for each member of our team and a question of the reputation of Albero .

We clearly know that modern dental equipment is not a luxury, but an elementary necessity.

The maximum effectiveness of treatment and, most importantly, painless treatment is achieved by using modern methods of pain relief in combination with classical and innovative methods of treatment. It is no coincidence that patients from Italy, Germany, Spain and other countries tend to get to us.

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Oral hygiene

Oral hygiene is a set of measures aimed at removing dental plaque in order to prevent diseases.


Dental implantation is the most promising, relevant and demanded direction in modern dentistry and prosthetics.


Periodontics is a branch of dentistry that includes the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of periodontal tissue diseases.

Aesthetic dentistry

This is a modern branch of medicine that allows you to restore and eliminate various dental defects.

Orthopedic dentistry

This is a field of dentistry based on dental prosthetics in order to improve functionality and aesthetics.

Dentistry of children
Inhalosade and general anesthesia

Painless, quiet and comfortable dental treatment for a patient becomes possible in pediatric dentistry.


This is a branch of dentistry that pays attention to the position of the teeth and the ratio of their distance to each other.


Optics allows you to carry out the treatment very precisely: remove only damaged tissue, restore the shape of the tooth.


In dentistry, an X-ray image makes it possible to determine the degree of complexity of the planned intervention.


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